(Funny) Complaints to Asda

I am writing about my very first delivery I took from you.  Ordinarliy I use Tesco but I thought I would give Asda a go, for a change.  I regret that now.

The delivery was within the slot, but firstly I was left standing, like a fool on my doorstep..with my front door wide open, in the freezing cold for an inordinately long time.  I’m not sure what the driver could have been doing all that time, and he apologised for taking so long however that didn’t help.  Anyway after the wait I was glad to get my bags and get everything inside.  It was however after I unpacked my bags and checked against the list that I realised the central ingredient for my special meal that night was missing -diced pork.  I had purposefully purchased a curry sauce, plus the pork from you so I could make this dish for my guest. And there you see is why I was doing on-line shopping this day since I had a special visitor and no time to shop in town!!

Imagine my embarasment when I had no proper meal to offer them, oh I had the sauce but no meat.  And this was to be a special meal too as this was an anniversary and this meal is what we had the first time.

Not only this but to add insult to injury on further inspection a further 3 products which were all to be components of my daily lunches at work -cheese slices, yogurt drinks and part of a dinner again -the  starfish shapes.

I called the number at the top of the order asap but all they could do was reimburse me in many days time.  I was upset they couldn’t somehow get in touch with the driver and get him back since he’s only been gone about a half hour.  I realise there are many all over the country but still with communications these days it should be possible.  And this still left me with no food, and I had to go to a corner shop and buy something entirely unsuitable and over priced. When I am on a budget this does not help either.  Neither could I afford the time out of my day to go to said shop–that is why I was getting home delivery!  And I should point out is on my phone bill that I had to call up your customer services to explain all this.

I am certainly not satisfied with the service, nor lack of amends for the missing goods/time/cost and I have to say Tesco never once missed or did not substitute items from my list.

Here is a copy of the e-mail which confirmed my goods in the first place:

Dear Vicky Raven,

[BLAH BLAH] – If you need to contact us, please see below for contact details.

Thank you for placing your order with ASDA Online Shopping, your order [Etc have edited the waffle ]

Order number: 16510651

Order date: 15 March 2006

Delivery time:  3pm –  5pm on Saturday 18 March 2006



I had thought I would get better prices, goods and service from Asda -my family advocate you, but since this I have to disagree.

I hope to hear from you soon.



129 xxxx Lane


And they never replied YET I had cause for further complaint some months later……

Dear Asda,

I purchased a mini duck and orange pate from yourselves on Friday, from your Derby store.  I have brought it for my lunch to work today and upset to crunch into a hard white part- as if bone or something.  This is most disconcerting as I was considering using these for my Xmas party but would be discouraged now as I don’t want my guests to find such things.  The package claims it is ‘smooth’ pate but I can say it isn’t!

I bought it in the 3 for £1 offer and have not yet tried the other 2 but I am hesitant to.  Can you tell me what such a hard white part might be?  As I don’t want to feed it to the children either in case it IS bone.

Thanks for your reply in advance


From: Kelvin Edet

Sent: Tuesday, 21 November, 2006 11:25:36 AM

Subject: Response from ASDA (Ref #000000014297708)

Thank you for your message.

Dear Ms Raven

ASDA House


Thank you for letting us know about the foreign body you found in our ASDA Mini Duck and Orange Pate that you bought from our Derby store. Firstly, may I apologise for any upset this may have caused you, as I can understand just how unpleasant this must have been. Secondly, please accept my personal apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result.

We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure that every ASDA product is of the highest quality. Each factory is regularly inspected to ensure it meets strict quality control procedures and naturally, every care is taken to ensure our products meet the high standards our customers demand.

Your complaint is very important to us and I would like to assure you that each complaint is taken very seriously. We would normally investigate a complaint like this in an effort to prevent it from happening again. Without the foreign body and packaging details of the product you bought however, there is not really any way of us knowing what caused the problem. If you still have the foreign body and packaging details of the product, or have cause to complain about any other product in future, I would be grateful if you would send it to us at the above address via registered post. Alternatively you can return the product to your local store at your own convenient.

Can I please have your postal address for me to be able to send out a gesture of goodwill out to you with my compliments.

I hope that you will accept my sincere apologies for this incident and that it will not deter you from shopping with us in future. As soon as we have the received the information requested the matter will have our immediate attention but if we can be of any further assistance to you in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Kelvin Edet

ASDA Customer Relations

Hi Kelvin,

thanks very much for such a prompt reply.  I was amazed by this as when I had a problem with a home delivery by yourselves I took some months ago (and the only one I ever did as a  result) I mailed via the web site numerous times and had no reply at all.  On that occasion some of my items I was relying on were not delivered and it was not mentioned upon receipt.  I realise that is an entirely different matter, and another section though.

I almost kept the bit from the pate but did not, however I’m having another one today for lunch so if I find another I won’t hesitate to mail it.

My address is:XXXX

Thanks for taking this so seriously -it is so unpalatable biting so unexpectedly a hard bit in this, and I could have actually broken a tooth if it hadn’t lodged in a crevasse in my back tooth.



In the end I got a £5 gift card from ASDA 😀  another worthwhile effort!

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