Bags, bombs, bugger

Current mood: Concerned, Superficial, petty-minded lol

I was getting all excited about Sunday but now there’s a dampner..possibly.  I understand their reason’s but the Academy are saying no bags..or if we must then they have to be checked and put in the cloakroom.  That’s all well and good for guys with pockets but what the heck do I do with my purse, camera, make-up, deo-wipes, spare stockings etc etc? I was gonna take a change of clothes too just incase it was too hot…

I don’t have enough hands and if I did anyone could just steal my purse or anything  off little me in a crowd!  So there’s another kind of security risk..

I don’t mind if they  inspect everything in minute detail but I need my bag–and what if I buy merch?  I hope at the very least they say we can come back and take our bags at any point.  Then put them back with no extra cost…otherwise the number of times I need to freshen up I’ll spend quids!!

Hmm I hope they aren’t body searching too and if I wear my bullet belt under my skirt on entrance they won’t know..

I know, I know, if that’s all my worries then I have no real ones

GIG BLOG 24.7.05

My 13th Day -it’s long but not entirely all encompassing

Current mood:  grateful

I’d virtually sung myself hoarse to Sonata before Barbara and (Steve?) picked me up near 1pm, once they found my place, on Sunday.  It had just started a major down-pour so I was even more glad for a lift .

We listened to various metal tunes on the way (I heard Helloween for the first time haha) and although we got a bit stuck in traffic but it hardly took any time to arrive really.

We found our way to the Bull Ring for parking then had a mini escapade trying to find the exit. Once we found it (on the ‘Shopping’ level ) we went our separate ways as I had to check-in my hotel.  The rain was amazing so I just headed for the station taxi rank across the road.

The hotel receptionist seemed very nice and told me they guarantee ‘100% Satisfaction’ or some such ha.  Well I was a little disgruntled to find the room had not been cleaned  but thought I could work around it, so put my stuff in one corner and started to freshen up.  Then there was a knock and the cleaner at the door, and she mumbled something in a heavy foreign accent but I told her I’d work round it. Then another member of staff came after a while and said their system had been down but I could move to one of their other, clean, rooms now–how generous.  So I took my cuppa and bags, that I’d already started to unpack, and moved.  Then once in the new room there was a single knock and a bloke with a bucket opened the door !  Jeez I could’ve been in any state…I wasn’t but that’s not the point.

So I freshened up had my cuppa, rang for a taxi and was at the Academy pretty quick.

There was a bit of a queue for people like me collecting tickets on the door, I was just in time to hear the tail end of Intense, that perfectly as anticipated, I didn’t need to see them.

Barbara was right when she described the place as like Rock City.  Grotty stairwells, badly lit and non- lockable toilet doors, sticky floors and ooh so dark!  It was so dark everywhere except near the bars and directly in front of the stage you couldn’t see anyone .  So I not only never found Barbara and her guy but at that level underground mobiles didn’t work properly so we didn’t get texts for ages either.

I was almost gob smacked by the price of a pint of Strongbow £3.05!  I figured I wouldn’t have many, and ended up having a few tap-waters ice, and a bottle of something only just slightly cheaper.

I wasn’t hungry so it didn’t matter there was no food except Pringles to be had inside..but I think they were allowing pass-outs so people could feed elsewhere.

The balcony was closed except to VIPs and special people so I stood the entire time though I checked out the ‘Chill Out’ area –which was in fact just another club type room with another bar and lights on.

The merch bit was so tiny I didn’t bother looking (and didn’t want tempting with my £ situation) but I gather there wasn’t much.

Dragonland put on a good show but I think I mainly just noticed how the singer sounded just like Bruce Dickinson –very powery.

I decided to stand far right and rest on the barrier for Epica. Before they came the security guys chatted to me (about my tattoo and the bands who were yet to come) which was cool.

For Epica I got an ok side view of the beautiful singer and just glimpsed the others.  Simone is very pretty and reminds me kind of Kate Bush with her fine little features, she also has a great voice and the music symphonic, plus growly vocals..I’m sure I’ll like their stuff as much as Nightwish…an album is on order…

I got a text from Barbara saying they were stage left and went for a nosey but that text was probably sent ages before I got it..I couldn’t spy them anyway but stayed far left for Finntroll, fun as ever but I think the sound may have been a bit off for some of it, then I started to ache from all the standing and it sort of detracted from the set.

Another wander round and then settled at the back of the sound box for Norther (oh which order was in Finntroll/Norther or vice versa?) and had a chat with 2 old dudes..totally un-metalish, and a sound guy. I think the latter was local to Brum, he does all the big gigs in the UK, with no time off it seems!  He let me scav a fag which I appreciated, and forgot about acheing by then. It was interesting watching Norther’s man do their sound too.

So it was almost time for Sonata already!  I went to freshen up and spoke with some friendly girls in the loos…they’d commented on my hair colour earlier too.  And I’m sure I’ve read things by them on line form what they were saying at one point.  We went front left for SA, I found openings and got to the barrier for most all.

They were awesome –the sound excellent compared to Bloodstock –though I hear they checked and checked and checked it to make sure it was!  I sung my heart out as did everyone else I think.

There was funny banter like Tony telling Henkka he wasn’t his fucking slave, and in the middle of My Land they turned it into Kiss’s ‘I was Made for Lovin’ You’  (hehe hell I love that disco Kiss song!).  They did Dream Thieves that I’ve never heard cuz it’s on a single and a compilation but it did well on poll…

Set list –ish:


Blinded No More

Dream Thieves

Victoria’s Secret

8th Commandment


Replica ~ Black Sheep

My Land


Don’t Say A Word

The Cage


What a good note to end on as they took swigs from a bottle!

I often feel emotional after we all exchange so much energy and you wonder if the bands feel it so too…it certainly seemed like they did.

My pictures will suck as everything was super blurry 😦 but I know there’ll be loads on-line..

We were almost immediately forced out of the venue..which always seems harsh to me.  One of the girls had lost her contact lense in her eye too –poor thing, I know how that is.

She and I had no After Show passes and I began to fear a bleak, lonely return to the hotel, I was in the queue anyway even though the girls with passes had halted futher up but I was saved.

Anyone who bothered to read this and likes metal visit:

And give a listen to As Zed, who saved my day, DJ’s and interviews there.

It was a very nice place to have the ‘do’, quite swish haha compared to the Academy!! and just next door. There was great music played..but there were no seats left so we sat on crates. I saw the girls from before in there and wondered how they got their passes, anyway Zed and I chatted for a while and I noticed a tall gangly person with a hat who looked familiar.

Zed kindly got a couple of drinks in then after a while at the bar was Jani of Sonata!

Oh foolish day, I wasn’t prepared to chat normally and was a bit drunk but just remembered confirming he wrote My Selene and telling how it was my favourite –even though I love so many Sonata songs.  And how he is great.. I think haha he really does look quite like a cartoon as I suspected too, and seems really lovely.  If I could only go to more of these things I’d be able to hob nob more easily!

My memory’s a bit blurry   ..there were other people around and chatting going on, someone agreed with my patches –e.g. Pink Floyd : )

It was so cool and one minute I turned around there was a Finntroll there..then he’d gone, Jani was about, and somehow I got into conversation and making friends with Yves of Epica

Someone had said he was interested in accents..I guess I must’ve mentioned them or something!

During that time the guy with the hat came along and turned out he WAS familiar, so we had a big hug–he was Richard of Detonation’s crew  they came stay at my house for a Derby gig a couple of years ago!

I blamed him for breaking my toilet seat that night, and got to tell him how I’d NEVER been so ill as the next day after drinking their lager (I was soo ill I thought I was dying).

I don’t think I actually stayed very long at the place, 3 of us shared a taxi back to the Travel Lodge (and more on that I cannot disclose). It turned out to be where some of the other bands had just arrived to too—but I’ll never know which other bands!!

Imagine how gutted would have been to learn they were there and I didn’t see them PLUS I’d not made it to the After show!

Not staying I probably missed so many opportunities to meet more great people but it was an ace night I’ll never forget. And hope to have more like it….except maybe more time not on my feet next time (12 hours from 1pm til 1am at my reckoning!  And everyone got back in time for their flights so it was sorted.  I wound up with $6 and 20 Euros haha well I’d covered the taxis with £ so it was fair 🙂

I was very spaced out the next morning, but got up and ready, ate my munchies and found the station no problems.  Got the 11.49am Central Trains to Nottingham via Derby (£8.90 for reference) and got home about 1ish.  Promptly paid my bills on-line, since it was payday and I’d vowed to myself I would, before crashing with my contact lenses still in and reminiscing of the time.  But strongly regretting not seeing Barbara and Zed to say ‘bye and buy ‘thank-you’ drinks  .

Weeell it’s just as well it was good because that’s all for me and gigs in the foreseeable future!!

Totally brassic as they say!  Worth it of course…

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