The Orville and Shatner’s Zit Splat (cocktails)

Take 3 parts vodka

1 part   Apsinthion (could work with Absinthe)

1 part   Galliano – Vanilla liquer

Some natural orange juice (not a lot) and mix …and violá:

There you have it -THE ORVILLE

mix it or shake it like a cocktail and pour into shot glasses

Well its a kind of yellowy-green colour and looks very odd, is extremely strong yet has no harsh after taste or bite!  Unique I think you’ll find .

ImageThe Orville!:

Fans also may like the ‘Shatner’s Zit Splat’

1 part Rasberry Sour (the blood)

then drop in 1 part Baileys (the pus)

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