Hairy Chicken Mayo -Complaint to Barney’s Sarnis

Hairy Chicken Mayo!
Sent: 30 November 2012 13:46

Hello Barney,

I have just started to eat one of your sarnis. I buy them every day at work for my luncheon.

I almost chose the celery, apple and blue cheese as usual when it’s available (my favourite) but for diversity opted for the chicken mayo salad.

80% way through the first half of said sarni I felt something odd and lo’ and behold pulled a 5 inch hair out!!

My hair is very long and it’s definitely not mine.

Yours sickened,

Ms S


I took it back to the shop with said hair sellotaped to an A4 sheet and the shopkeep didn’t seem too surprised just appalled and instantly refunded me and explained she would pass the sandwich/hair to the ‘man’ along with my contact details wherefore he may or may not contact me.

Thank goodness I’d had a yoghurt prior to the sandwich so didn’t starve.

2 thoughts on “Hairy Chicken Mayo -Complaint to Barney’s Sarnis

    • I know it turned my stomach so what a waste- there was a whole half and bit of the 1st half left. Perhaps theres a slight chance it could have been one of my front hairs but it seemed to come way too far from the inside of the sarni!!

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