Used Hoover – You’re not Kidding!


thanks for such quick & precise delivery, that’s second to none!

I was so excited to be getting this as I recently broke mine and found this make and model to be excellent!

I was so happy to find it at a reasonable price too.

Now while it’s described for sure as ‘Used’ and there are photos to show some of the ‘used-ness’ I wish Id know just HOW used it was.It must’ve been used to hoover up something wet, or been washed but not left to dry out before its been used-it STANK 😦

I’ve had this model for 2 years myself and it has never smelt so bad, I think the user had pets and so human & pet hair & skin had clogged the filter and coated the inside of the main body, head and 1 tube. As I’m so desperate to get on with hoovering I have spent the last hour thoroughly scrubbing and washing out the stinky coating and thick goop from the filter, I feel so sick now. I just wish you had accurately described how MISused it had been to inform my buying decision fully.


Good Morning
I’m sorry you are unhappy with the condition of the item, we do state it is used, and the pictures do show it is quite dirty.
unfortunately when we test them we are in a large warehouse with shutters open so that may be why the smell wasn’t noted.
If you are unhappy with it, we do have a 14 day returns policy in place should you wish to return it.
Kind Regards

Feedback I left- NEUTRAL – Filthy & v.smelly definitely not just a catalogue return, been used with wet.


Good Afternoon
Regarding your feedback we would like to point out that this item wasn’t just listed as ex catalgoue, but as a used item, in used condition.
If contacted within the first 14 working days of receiving the item we would have accepted the item back as per our 14 day returns policy.
Kind Regards


The fact it would be ‘used’ condition was fine and fully expected but it had been MISused -ie with water – and animal remenants, sticky and foul so who knows what damage that has done to the filters etc This is not supposed to be a washing hoover but a dry one.
On an aside the back filter panel does not fix on and so I have to use it with no back filter.


Good Afternoon
You have made reference to wet, was there visible water in the item?
or could it have been wiped out and then not had time to dry before use? causing what is shown in the pictures in the listing?
Kind Regards


The solidified smelly reddish gloop was all the way down the hose tube as well as throughout the head and as you saw in the body so no, not just ‘wiped’ it was a thick reddy gloop, nothing had been wiped away at all!



Good Morning
So it could be that a sweet was hoovered up an has melted. thank you.
Kind Regards


This is ludicrous, it has nothing to do with sweets, moreover what does it matter what you are guessing at and why are you even guessing?
I’m the customer here and the one who’s manhandled and cleaned the thing out. It stank of pets and was dried liquid coated throughout the machine.

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve by arguing the toss here, certainly not a good PR job nor good reputation for your company from me or my friends and family.
I’ve used hoovers for years and years, I am not stupid. Ive even hoovered up water myself years ago and learnt what an error that is!
I find it very odd that you are even messaging to and fro about this.

Is this some sort of joke and actually the Managers children bored of school holidays?
I think eBay will agree it’s strange behaviour for a seller.


So I left Follw up feedback’ to clarify – Expected ‘used’ but not MISused.Odd msgs from seller trying to villify

Hopefully others will check the feedback scores before buying unlike I did


2 thoughts on “Used Hoover – You’re not Kidding!

    • So they replied but I couldnt be doing with any more so have only just read it. But now I felt a bit sorry for them –
      Good Morning
      We are trying to determine your problem with the item, as we sold this in used condition and had pictures in the listing showing how dirty the item was.
      We ask as many questions as possible. I thank you for you answers and did not mean to offend you, ebay had actually encouraged us to contact you regarding this item when we spoke to them.
      Kind Regards

      so I replied that I almost took photos of evidence but was just so desperate to hoover up that I cleaned it out straight away.

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